The Team

Meet our small team that helps make Aussie Acquire for all of you.

Sam Bass
Founder of Aussie Acquire

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Chief Slobberer

Merlin is a Great Dane cross that helps keep you warm by trying to still sit in your lap.

Lead Booper

Arlo helps clean up any food left around the office.

About Sam.

Sam is the founder of Aussie Acquire.

He is passionate about building the Australian 'buying and selling online businesses world'.

You can connect with Sam by sending him a message using the button below.

Sam is happy to help in any way to either give advice or recommendations.

To anyone looking at buying or selling online businesses in Australia.

I love talking about buying profitable internet businesses so if you would like to connect or have me join you on your show.

Thanks for reaching out! Sam will be in touch soon.

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